Sunday, November 8, 2015

some things this week...

some sketchbookery again and i'm enjoying adding washi tape to the pages for added color, i think washi tape is one of the best things that have been invented and i am so addicted to buying new ones whenever i can.

some little flower drawings in a new large sketchbook that i bought


and i am adding images to my smashbooks i like that the paper is already there to be layered upon with my favorite images from magazines

Sunday, November 1, 2015

this week...

a new rectangular journal using the cover of a vintage book that i was so happy to find.

some new pages just adding various things to the pages while i set my timer for 20 minutes.

thanks for stopping by :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

making some collaged journals...

 for the past few days  i have been collaging some paper and turning them into blank journals with pink ribbon tying the pages together and i have just put them up for sale in my shop.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

i was published in a chinese magazine...

I am so excited about being contacted from a really beautiful and unique chinese magazine, they asked a variety of art journalers and sketchbook artists to be a part of this issue and i was so excited to look through it when it finally arrived in my mail box, i tried finding any links or website for them and all i could find is a facebook page, but it would be fun to see past issues.
So here are my pages...

Friday, July 24, 2015

more visual journal pages...

i'm having a lot of fun in this journal and wanted to share some old and new pages from it

Thursday, June 25, 2015

what i liked doing as a kid...

summer always makes me think of childhood favorites what i liked to do and how to incorporate those things now if i can. so my list that i was able to come up with was cutting and pasting pictures, i always loved making collage boards, so i decided to gather some favorite images and some cardboard and created the one below....

another thing i loved was daybook organizers and papers even at a young age when i didn't really need one so i am going to use this one to organize some lists and ideas, i like the grounding and calming color of brown, so i'm really happy with this one.
   some pretty pink additions and hopefully i can stick with using this one, i seem to always be switching ideas

I also loved doodling so i'm incorporating more of that , i loved swimming so i need to make time to go to the pool this summer, i really love it. and rollerskating, i'm not really sure how i could incorporate that one, unless i get up the nerve to try rollerblades. and one more thing is candy i just love candy and i think i will indulge a little this summer
It was fun seeing what i still do now that i loved as a little girl especially collaging and doodling which i get to do in my art journals only now there are so many fun supplies to work with.

Maybe this will help you think of what you have always loved :)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

how i create a page....

a few people have asked about my process so i wanted to take photos and talk about favorite products and processes.

first i gather together my images, for this page i picked an image from Vintage Garden magazine, a bird from a sabrina ward harrison card and a piece of embossed pink paper.

I lay out the pieces in a way i like and glue them down with elmers or lately i'm using Coccoina glue that smells like almonds. I use a gift card to smooth down the pages.
  in a used rose book i decided to add a simple rose...

then  i start adding washi tape and other little bits. i used a piece of turquoise washi tape and then stamped the date onto it.

i cut out a sentence of inspiring words from a self care book

then one of my favorite steps, these stencils from martha stewart that can be found here on amazon. they are really good stencils that stick and peel. I think that make the page pop.

 then in my tool basket are pens and markers and i will write over images and add doodled words and then i see if there are any last minute things to add, then its finished.